Encaustic Fine Art Paintings and Products by Brian Melton
The Fine Art of Landscape Painting in Beeswax by Brian Melton

Reproduced from Encaustic Fine Art Paintings, a collectors' series of quality printed
Greetings Cards, Christmas Cards, Postcards, Bookmarks and Mini-cards.
Published by Brian Melton, these can all be purchased 'on line', at his gallery or by mail order.

Painting with Beeswax is one of the earliest forms of Graphic Art, developed by the Ancient Greeks more than 2000 years ago. Brian Melton has revived this ancient painting process, known as 'Encaustic Painting', to capture vibrant images of the Scottish Hebridean Islands, Scottish Highlands and
English Lake District Landscapes.

Using this encaustic technique, Brian Melton's pictorial works of wax art portraying mountain, sea, loch and lakeland landscape paintings, are created to produce unique works of fine art. Beeswax paintings are exhibited at the artist's own *gallery / studio in Surrey, England.
Visitors will have the rare opportunity of acquiring original works of
Encaustic Fine Art rendered in beeswax.

Gallery opening times vary :
Visitors are advised to contact first

Email: brianmelton@waxfineart.com

*7 Paynes Green
Tel. +44 (0) 1306 627209

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